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Sapphires: Royalty & Wisdom

Sapphires: Royalty & WisdomSapphires have long been beloved and associated with both royalty, as well as the divine. Its deep, celestial colors bring about an air of wisdom, of power, of hope and of faith. Kindness, insight, and accurate judgment are amplified by the mighty sapphire.

Not only is it said that sapphires increase one's wisdom, it also provides protection against evil, both within and without. Able to help its bearer suss out lies, deception and deceit, the sapphire works to keep its bearer safe. Increasing the bearer's ability to see deeper, and easing the search for truth, sapphires also help to purify the body – helping the body to weather seasonal changes, and seasonal ailments.

It's close ties to truth and wisdom also allow the sapphire to help alleviate headaches, sinus pressure, and issues with balance and one's inner ear.

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