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We Are Color

About WeAreColor

WeAreColor is a project website by a leading supplier of gemstones in the US and a marketing company specializing in delivering a message.

There are lots of places you can buy gemstone jewelry but our team specializes in a specific quality, range and price-point. We also only work with retail jewelry stores in the US for the supply of these beautiful pieces.

We strongly believe that jewelry buying is an experience. We believe that experience is best enjoyed in a store with real jewelers who understand the process, stones, care and after-care of these valuable things.

Thus, WeAreColor is a resource for the general public to discover gemstone jewelry both through interesting articles and information, a wonderful range of over 1,000 quality pieces as well as professionals to buy them from.

We very much hope you enjoy your website. We hope you find a meaningful piece fof gemstone jewelry for you or a loved one. We hope you love your gemstone jewelry as much as we do.

You can reach us (not for sales but with your feedback, ideas or contact) as .

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