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"These gems have a life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” ~George Eliot

Peridot is one of the very few gemstones which may occur only in a single color: Olive-green. Depending on the percentage of iron in Peridot's crystal structure, its intensity and tint may vary from yellow to olive, to brown/green.

The true etymology of the Peridot name is uncertain. Several variations of its name exist in the Middle English Dictionary, including peridod, peritot, pelidad, pilidad, though some believe its name comes from Latin “paederot”, or even the Arabic word “faridat”.

August Birthstone Leo

For Leos, or any who are looking to improve themselves, or break free from bad habits or hang-ups benefit greatly from the peridot's balancing effects. Helping to improve communication, clarity of thought, and ease of action is also the peridot's strengths, and it can also help to improve one's sleep and dreams as well!

Peridot for Balance and Clarity

Peridot gemstones are known for their ability to protect their wearer, not only from physical harm, but mental imbalance as well. The peridot strives to maintain balance, helping to clear and remove obstacles in one's day to day life, as well as from one's thoughts and feelings.

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