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"An emerald shines even if it's worth is not spoken of." ~Marcus Aurelius

Emeralds are the green variant of the mineral beryl. The name “emerald” comes from the Old French word “esmeraude”, adn the Middle English word “emeraude”), but also has roots in Ancient Greek, where it was called “smaragdos”(green gem).

Many emerald fanciers have attributed strong psychic abilities with the stone, with there being ancient beliefs that state that placing an emerald on your body could help its bearer predict the future. In addition, the emerald was said to be able to help determine if someone was telling the truth, or falling into lies.

May Birthstone: Emerald

Emerald is the traditional birthstone for May. Because we love them so much, and this is our site for "color", we also think they deserve another month - April (traditionally, colorless diamond!).

Emerald's verdant tones encourage growth within oneself, and like a vast forest, it encourages peace and rejuvenation.

Emerald for Friendship, Luck and Love

Love is at the core of the emerald, in that it's been said to improve one's love life and the relationships in other aspects of one's life. Luck is also on the side of the emerald, in that cultures all around the world have believed that wearing an emerald would bring its bearer fortune and favor with all.

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