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“Pink gives me love that would make red blush.” ~Anthony T. Hincks

Tourmaline comes, to the surprise of many, in various colours in addition to its classic pink. From black, to blue/black, to deepest brown, yellow, to red, green and blue. Bi-coloured, and multicoloured variants are common, and some can even change depending on which direction they're viewed.

Classified as a semi-precious stone, its name comes from the Sinhalese word “thoramalli“, and is sometimes known as the “Ceylonese Sri Lankan Magnet” due to its pyroelectric properties and ability to attract and repel hot ashes.

October Birthstone Libra

Known as one of the most consistent and helpful stones, pink tourmaline has been used for generations for its positive influence on the mind, body and soul. Loved for its ability to calm and regulate all aspects of the mind, it has long been the go-to stone to help cleanse the spirit and bring balance to one's mental health.

Tourmaline for Heart and Health

Tourmaline's positive effects are not only on the mind: It's long been honored for its positive influence on the heart! Alongside its ability to bring tranquility to a turbulent mind, it can also bring its positive guidance to the heart: regulating irregular heartbeats and calming arrhythmia.

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