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“One of his tears fell in my mouth, where it became a blue sapphire, source of strength, source of strength and eternal hope”
~Anita Diamant

The Sapphire is a precious gemstone and is a variant of the mineral corundum. Its name derives from the Latin word “sapphirus”, and some linguists believe that its name comes from the Sanskrit “Shanipriya ”from “shani” (meaning Saturn), and “priya” (meaning dear).

Typically a vibrant blue color, natural variants (known as “fancy” sapphires) may be yellow, orange, purple or green, with two-colored “parti” sapphires existing as well. The only color that a sapphire cannot be, is red, which is exclusively the domain of its counterpart, the ruby. Interestingly enough, pink corundum may be tagged as being either a sapphire or a ruby, depending on where it's been found.

September Birthstone Virgo

Not only is it said that sapphires increase one's wisdom, it also provides protection against evil, both within and without. Able to help its bearer suss out lies, deception and deceit, the sapphire works to keep its bearer safe. Virgos benefit especially from Sapphire's traits.

Sapphires for Hope, Faith and Wisdom

Sapphires have long been beloved and associated with both royalty, as well as the divine. Its deep, celestial colors bring about an air of wisdom, of power, of hope and of faith. Kindness, insight, and accurate judgment are amplified by the mighty sapphire.

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