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October is Opal Click here for Opals

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Gorgeous Gemstones

We love gemstone jewelry at Robinson Jewelers. We have a wonderful selection in our store but also access to amazing pieces you see on this site. We would be delighted to show you around or talk to you about anything you see here. Just drop us a line or come in to see us.

You'll also find interesting articles and facts about gemstones and jewelry on this site. If you know stories or history about gemstones, we would love to hear from you. Have a look around the pieces here and see if there’s something for you or your loved ones.

October Birthstone Libra

The opal draws the eyes of onlookers and helps to bridge gaps and to build and maintain relationships. It can also perform akin to a shield, protecting its wearer from negative thoughts and influences, always striving to maintain the right kind of balance in one's mind. Those born in October benefit especially from the opal's protection, and positive influence.

Opals for Balance and Healing

Inhibitions are broken down by the opal, allowing its bearer's buried or hampered feelings to come forth. Even so, the opal helps to stabilize any increased and amplified feelings, ensuring that balance is maintained and is favored among those who look within themselves, and who meditate.

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