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“Pearls were accidents, and the finding of one was luck, a little pat on the back by God or the gods or both”
~John Steinbeck

The pearl is unique among gems in that it is not a stone at all. Instead, it has a biological origin, being produced within living shelled mollusks, rather than being mined. The rarest pearls of the highest quality are those that are created naturally, however they can also be cultured or farmed.

True pearls will always have some link to their biological creation, with imitation pearls being entirely man-made and of much lower quality, and value.

June Birthstone Gemini

Born from mollusks, it's no small wonder that the pearl has a great affinity with bodies of water. Since the pearl is “born” perfect, and needs no cutting or polishing, it has come to symbolize absolute purity, as well as the heavenly kingdom.

Pearls for Purity and Loyalty

Pearls have long-since been associated with purity, integrity and loyalty, as well as the belief that adorning oneself with pearls can increase one's wealth and bring good luck one's way. It's also known to protect its wearer, and signifies innocence, faith, and charity.

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