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Blue Topaz - Loyalty, Love & Knowledge

Blue Topaz - Loyalty, Love & KnowledgeThe blue topaz is a stone beloved by many due to its beautiful hues, but its potential benefits may go far beyond looking stunning!

Blue topaz has long been linked to both loyalty and love, friendship and romance. The clear stones also coincide with how it's been known to increase the clarity of feelings, thoughts while also deepening emotional ties, attachments, and relationships of all kinds.

Those who work with others in the fields of communication and beyond would benefit from blue topaz, as the stones help to clear up and clarify communication, while also helping to relieve oneself and others of tension and increase one's overall relaxation.

Students may benefit from adorning themselves with blue topaz, as it's also known to bring wisdom and knowledge to the bearer, and can help to increase the effectiveness of one's study breaks! With how fast-paced the world is, the blue topaz' proclivity towards magnifying the fruitfulness of meditation sessions, which ties into its calming, harmonizing energies.

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