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"The aquamarine... has the glassy tint of the waves of the sea." ~Charles Blanc

Boasting an incredibly beautiful natural colour, it's no wonder its name in Latin comes from the word “seawater”. Aquamarine evokes the color of the beautiful tropical waters of the world's seas.

Unsurprisingly, ancient civilizations like the Romans believed aquamarine had special powers specifically linked to safety at sea. Even today, aquamarine is a favourite of sailors, divers and those who take to the sea for sport.

March Birthstone Pisces

Aquamarine and the zodiac sign Pisces are deeply linked, and for good reason! Both have ties to the sea, and its interchangeability between excitement and relaxation.

Aquamarine for Youth and Healing

Like the sea, ever-changing and self-renewing, aquamarine gemstones are tied to youth, the young at heart, and also fascilitates healing and promotes self-expression.

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