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Tourmaline For Mind, Body & Soul

Tourmaline For Mind, Body & SoulKnown as one of the most consistent and helpful stones, pink tourmaline has been used for generations for its positive influence on the mind, body and soul. Loved for its ability to calm and regulate all aspects of the mind, it has long been the go-to stone to help cleanse the spirit and bring balance to one's mental health. Tourmaline helps to free one's mind from anxiety and stress, while promoting love, energy and bringing courage to those who need it.

Tourmaline's positive effects are not only on the mind: It's long been honored for its positive influence on the heart! Alongside its ability to bring tranquility to a turbulent mind, it can also bring its positive guidance to the heart: regulating irregular heartbeats and calming arrhythmia. Those recovering from heart attacks and tachycardia/bradycardia benefit greatly from tourmaline, as the stone can help to speed healing, along with bringing harmony back to one's heartbeat.

While tourmaline's benefits will spread to improve and bring balance to the entire body with time, wearing the stone in specific places can absolutely boost its effectiveness and increase its ability to bring its positivity to its wearer.

For calming and aligning mental energies, earrings are hugely helpful as their position gives the stone's energies quicker and more direct access to one's mind. When worn as a pendant, it's proximity to one's heart will help its power to steep where it's needed most, while also giving it greater access to one's core, amplifying its overall positive effect. As a bracelet, it encompasses its user and helps to reassure and relieve any potential issues which might appear.

When included in a ring, tourmaline's energies can be used to positively affect others that one might come in contact with, helping to bring others closer, and calm any imbalances they have, while still working its beneficial influence and energies on its bearer.

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