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Ruby. Passion and Strength

Ruby. Passion and StrengthRubies are born of strength and impart said strength to their bearers. Known to help stoke the fires of passion, as well as rebuilding inner-strength to those whose spirits might be flagging, rubies have for centuries been favored by royalty and warriors alike.

An especially passionate stone, it imbues its bearer with confidence, strength of purpose, and can help improve one's physical strength and stamina.

Wearing a ruby can help banish exhaustion, and revive oneself from any kind of lethargy, however those who are sensitive, or who already have an abundance of energy and spirit may find themselves flooded with too much energy, so some caution may be prudent.

The ruby has strong protective qualities as well, saving its bearers from evil, fear and any paranormal entities which might want to cause harm.

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