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Pearls For Loyalty & Luck

Pearls For Loyalty & LuckBorn from mollusks, it's no small wonder that the pearl has a great affinity with bodies of water. Since the pearl is “born” perfect, and needs no cutting or polishing, it has come to symbolize absolute purity, as well as the heavenly kingdom.

Pearls have long-since been associated with purity, integrity and loyalty, as well as the belief that adorning oneself with pearls can increase one's wealth and bring good luck one's way. It's also known to protect its wearer, and signifies innocence, faith, and charity.

As a symbol of pure loyalty, brides for centuries have worn and displayed themselves with pearls on their wedding days. More recently, its become a Hindu custom to present a new, whole, unsullied pearl at a wedding, and to pierce it during the wedding itself.

For eons, pearls have featured in fables and myths, with one of the most famous being that of Cleopatra. Legend has it that Cleopatra had a wager with Marc Anthony over who could hold the most expensive banquet, spending 10 million sesterces on a single meal. After taking a large pearl and dropping it in her goblet of wine/vinegar, she drank down the drink, after which a stunned Marc Anthony admitted his loss.

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