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Opal For Balance & Dreams

Opal For Balance & DreamsThe ever-changing opal is the most emotionally-attuned of stones, mimicking, reflecting and even intensifying the emotions of its bearer.

Inhibitions are broken down by the opal, allowing its bearer's buried or hampered feelings to come forth. Even so, the opal helps to stabilize any increased and amplified feelings, ensuring that balance is maintained and is favored among those who look within themselves, and who meditate.

Those who suffer from sleeplessness or depression benefit from opals, as the stones help to lift one's mood, stabilize one's thoughts, and helps to improve the quality of one's dreams, as well as the ability to drift off initially.

The opal draws the eyes of onlookers and helps to bridge gaps and to build and maintain relationships. It can also perform akin to a shield, protecting its wearer from negative thoughts and influences, always striving to maintain the right kind of balance in one's mind.

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